Good day was lived on the first day of the World Cup of Tennis 2018


With the presence of authorities such as the Mayor of the Estación Central, Rodrigo Delgado, the Sport Minister, Pauline Kantor and the Mayor of the Metropolitan Region, Karla Rubilar, this Friday at the front of the train station, the second soccer-tennis world cup, FTA Chile 2018 tour, was started, which will host the country until Sunday.

The ceremony, animated by Argentine journalist Walter Queijeiro, presented the main stars, Frank de Boer, David Trezeguet and Argentines Martin Palermo and Roberto Abbondanzieri, who will compete this weekend in Santiago.

In his welcome speech, Rodrigo Delgado said that "it is a luxury for the commune to be able to repeat this event, last year it was an important bet that we made, we did not know how we were going to be able to react to this invitation, it went well and this year they were corrected some things. The important thing about this tournament is not only to see the international figures, but to understand that soccer-tennis is a good option to recover public spaces".

Today, which began around 11 am, with the game between England and Bolivia, where the triumph was taken by the Americans, continued until 7 pm, with the Chilean triumph of the pair Óscar Opazo and Jaime Valdés, against the Palestine team of Edgardo Abdala and Roberto Kettlun.

In the highlights of the day, there are the victories by 6-0 to Angola and 6-1 to Chile, of the Argentinian couple champion of the last edition, composed by Martín Palermo and Roberto Abbondanzieri. While of the Chilean pairs, stands out the 6-4 of Francisco Arrué with Felipe Nuñez to the Palestinian combined of Edgardo Abdala and Roberto Kettlun, and the 6-0 of Rivarola with Olarra to the pair of Holland, of Segeth and Breukel. Same luck had former Dutch national De Boer, who with his partner Rbii lost 6-0 against Colombia. Finally, almost ending the day, the 6-4 of the Chileans Molina and Garrido to the Uruguayans Biscayzacú and Alvez.

The second day of competition starts tomorrow at 12 o'clock. Between the attractive matches that will be disputed in the court 1, they are the French pair Trezeguet-Prual and later, the pair Rivarola-Olarra. Meanwhile, the day will end in the afternoon, with the final category of adult women.

The tickets for this Saturday will be, as always, totally free. For more information about the event, accreditation and audiovisual material about FTA Tour, contact the mail: [email protected]

Press contact: Diego Carrillo - Communications Manager of Mundial FTA Tour: + 569-76170033.