This Friday is the kickoff to the 2018 Tennis World Cup


This Friday will be the start of the second edition of the Soccer Tennis World Cup, FTA Chile Tour 2018, at the front of the Central Station of Santiago. In the tournament will be the current champions, Martin Palermo and Roberto Abbondanzieri, they will be defending the title by representing Argentina.

This second edition will also have world soccer stars, such as the former French national team player, David Trezeguet; the Dutch Frank De Boer, besides the Argentinian journalist of Fox Sports, Walter Quijeiro, and Chilean national league players, such as Lucas Barrios - representing Paraguay-, Oscar Opazo and Jaime Valdes, and also the current Racing de Avellaneda star, Marcelo Díaz.

Close to 120 matches will be played during the three days of competition and there will be more than 100 teams from 30 countries taking part. This includes men and women from the junior and adult categories. Also, for the first time, the Video Assist Referee (VAR) will be available, and couples will have two opportunities to use it. They will only spend these opportunities if the VAR reaffirms the initial charge.

The games will be of one set, with six games each, where the score will be counted in the same way as in tennis, with the difference that at being 40-40, a "golden point" will be played to see which pair wins the game. In case of a tie at the end of the set, a "tie break" of 10 points will be played.

The tickets to enjoy the meetings are free of charge and the competition schedule will be from Friday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 20:00 hrs. For more information about the event, accreditation and audiovisual material about FTA Tour, contact the mail: [email protected]

Press contact: Diego Carrillo - Communications Manager of Mundial FTA Tour: + 569-76170033.