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You can be part of the First Football Tennis World Cup in Chile!

May 8, 2017

National qualifiers were started in Chile to reach this planetary event. In the world they can also be part of the sports party.

From October 5 to 8, representatives from more than 30 countries will give life to the first edition of the FTA Tour World Cup Santiago 2017, where figures from around the world will seek to take the crown and be the best of this discipline in the planet.

But in the contest not only will be great stars of all times of world football, and is that there will be special quotas for amateur players can demonstrate, on the stage of the Central Station, that they are on par with those who lived the glory in Past decades.

How can you do it? In Chile, last April, the qualifying series for the World Championship began, where they will also be able to score points for the FTA Tour ranking, which for this season will be headed by former Universidad de Chile’s player Diego Gabriel Rivarola.

If you want more information about how you can participate in the next Football Tennis World Cup, you can write to the mail azuniga@acciontotal.cl.