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The favorite candidates to win the Caja Los Andes Calama 2014 Talents Tournament are Sergio Vargas, Patricio Galaz and Luis Fuentes.

December 16, 2014

Other participants competing are ex professional players and regional leaders, such as Juan Luis González, Rodrigo Pérez, Cristián Basaure and Mario Vener among others, as well as other amateur players of the second region.

Calama, December 2014.- The FTA TOUR World Circuit  has set a new date for its competition on December 19th, 20th and 21st in the II Region, where the Caja Los Andes Talents Tournament Calama 2014 will be disputed, with many changes and novelties, and with world-class players participating.

The competition will take place in the Sports Complex Alemania, located in Avenida Matta 2075, where 88 doubles will form part of the main tournament and will try to win the title, with $720,000 as prize for the winning couple and important worldwide ranking points, in order to get closer to the present number one of the world, the argentinian and historical Boca Juniors striker, Martin Palermo.


The double team number one of the competition  will the formed by the present Puerto Montt champions, the amateurs and double team of Caja Los Andes, Sebastián Donoso and Francisco Allende.


With them will be a group of outstanding ex national and international sportsmen, such as the Caja Los Andes team formed by Patricio Galaz and Rodrigo Pérez, the Sony team formed by the historical Universidad de Chile striker, Sergio Vargas, and the ex right-back Cristián Basaure, the Cobreloa well known players, Luis Fuentes and Juan Luis “Limache” González, as well as other well known players of the region.


Likewise, many fans from Calama and Antofagasta will equally compete to try and achieve the prize and become a star in this international sporting discipline.