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Rivarola and Bishara win the Junior Tournament Caja Los Andes La Florida 2014 in a championship full of surprises

June 30, 2014

The Sony couple, the Caja Los Andes double Juan Pablo Guzmán and Miguel Ramirez, beat in the finals the four prequalified doubles of the tournament, in a fun event that finished 6 to 3.

The level of the participant doubles increases every day. During both competition days of the Junior Tournament Caja Los Andes La Florida 2014, excellent football tennis players were seen, which resulted in major surprises as the tournament proceeded ending with the early elimination of the favorites.

Even though the blue idol doublé formed by Diego Rivarola (2nd) and Robertp Bishara (4th) confirmed their status as favorites,  others in the same category such as the double from Caja Los Andes Sebastian Rozental (7th) and Dante Poli (10th), nor the team of MacDonald´s Daúd Gazale (9th) and Nelson Tapia (16th) were not as lucky as they were eliminated in the fourth finals.

Rozental and Poli displayed one of the most attractive games of the journey in the eight round, when they competed against Francisco Allende and Sebastian Donoso, which they finally won by 7 to 6.

Whilst Tapia and Gazale were not able to beat the Rodriguez brothers, who achieved victory by 6 to 4 in the same round.

In the finals, Rivarola and Bishara faced the revelation players Miguel Ramirez and Juan Pablo Guzmán in Estación Central, who achieved their space in the finals showing a solid game level.

The match began in favor of the double from Caja Los Andes, Ramirez and Guzmán, who were able to position themselves 3-0 on the scoreboard. However, it was at that moment that the Sony double, displayed all their knowhow in this game, winning the following six games and ending the tournament 6-3 in their favor.

In this manner, Diego Rivarola continues to approach the number one in the world, Martín Palermo, in his efforts for being number one in this game, whilst as a couple with Bishara they won their third cup in the FTA Worldwide Circuit Tour, being the best players to date.

The next FTA Championship Tour will take place in the IV Region, on July 26-27 during the Talents Tournament La Serena 2014 in the Pedro de Valdivia Park, where both profesional and amateur players will dispute to achieve the title.

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