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Rivarola and Bishara shine among the celebrities of La Serena

August 14, 2014

FTA Tour Caja Los Andes in La Serena

The tournament had more than 100 players registered, among which  were the ex Deportes La Serena, Francisco “Murci” Rojas and Ricardo Rojas, the ex Coquimbo Luis Fuentes and Marcelo Corrales, as well as other current players of La Serena, such as Aníbal Domeneghini.
The Sony team beat in the finals the two leaders of Deportes La Serena by a categorical 6 to 1, achievement which meant that Roberto Bishara could rise to the third place in the Worldwide Ranking.

Great players of the domestic scene were reunited this July 26th and 27th in La Serena, to once again dispute a new encounter of the World Circuit FTA Tour: Talent Tournament Caja Los Andes 2014. In the Pedro de Valdivia Park, more than 100 players gave life to this tournament, where the excellent competitive level left a very high goal for the next dates of the World Circuit in which the Sony team formed by the argentinian idol, Diego Rivarola, and Roberto Bishara, had to battle hard to win a new cup.

100 players were listed for the first time in the Worldwide FTA Tour Ranking, such as the Deportes La Serena players, Nicolás Cortés and Diego Carvajal, which beat the favorites of the McDonald´s team, Francisco “Murci” Rojas and Ricardo Rojas and  the professional players Aníbal Domeneghini and Cristián Basaure in the semi-finals, in order to classify for the great finals.

For the other finalists, the Sony team, the competition was equally as complicated. In the semi-finals they beat the circuit veterans, Sebastián Donoso and Francisco Allende, who in turn had beaten the local players of Luis Fuentes and Marcelo Corrales in the fourth finals. The match was the most exciting one of the tournament, finalizing with the triumph of Diego Rivarola and Roberto Bishara by 6 to 4.

Next date of the Tournament will be in Antofagasta on September 13 and 14 where the Talents Tournament Caja Los Andes Antofagasta 2014 will take place.