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La Serena receives the FTA Tour with well-known regional players challenging the best football tennis players.

July 22, 2014

On July 26th and 27th a new encounter of the FTA World Circuit Tour will take place, this time in the IV Region of this country, where the Caja Los Andes 2014 Talent Tournament will be disputed in the Pedro de Valdivia Park, located between Brasil Street and the 5 Norte Highway.

There will be 88 couples competing, where the idol of Universidad de Chile and worldwide number two in the FTA Tour, Diego Rivarola, will participate, integrating the Sony Doubles together with the best arab representative, Roberto Bishara, as well as the Caja Los Andes team formed by ex Universidad Católica players, Sebastián Rozental and Dante Poli.

For this tournament there will be two  new doubles of professional players participating, who will try to make their names wellknown by obtaining the title and the USD$1400, as well as important worldwide ranking points which are now lead by the argentinian player Martin Palermo. We are talking about the doubles formed by the ex domestic leaders, the worldwide Francisco “Murci” Rojas and Ricardo Rojas; and the couple of Luis Fuentes with Marcelo Corrales.

Together with them, there are 84 amateur doubles, who will complete the selection and will try to surprise their fans in a new encounter of the Worldwide FTA Tour.

The first phase and the sixteenth final will take place on Saturday between 09:30 and 17:30 hours, whilst on Sunday, the action will begin at 10:00 hours and the grand final will take place in the central court at 16:30 hours.