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Big Five Rio Caja Los Andes Tournament suspended due to bad weather conditions in Rio de Janeiro.

July 17, 2014

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.- The Big Five Rio Caja Los Andes 2014, which assembled players of the level of Juan Sebastián Verón, Diego Lattore, Iván Zamorano, Salvador Cabañas, Óscar Córdoba, Hristo Stoichkov, Alberto Acosta, Sebastián Rozenthal and Diego Rivarola, among others, was inevitably suspended by the organization due to bad weather and pouring rain since the conditions to practice this sport were not present.

The commitment of these world known players, and the expectation of the games to be seen, was felt during the previous weeks on the network . This resulted in the fact that everyone showed up on the scene of the tournament with the best disposition and expectation in spite of adverse weather conditions, which did not permit the event to take place in the end.

Now the World Circuit returns to Chile to play a new Caja Los Andes Talent Tournament, this time in La Serena, where the competition will take place on Saturday July 26th and Sunday July 27th, assembling great players in this worldwide sport, such as the idol of University of Chile, Diego Rivarola and the best player of Palestino, Roberto Bishara, who will be the doubles to be beaten in a tournament where professional players will challenge normal citizens and will try to win the US$1000 in dispute as well as important worldwide ranking points, which are today in the hands of the argentinian goal scorer, Martín Palermo.

The FTA Tour is the Wordwide Football Tennis Association, integrated by the best players in the world who compete for ranking points and money, with all the participants of the FTA Tour Worldwide Circuit, trying to achieve being number one in the world.