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Back to Glory! Roberto Bishara & Cristian Basaure stayed with the FTA Megastar Paine

June 14, 2017

In an intense dispute, where they eliminated figures such as Cristián Álvarez, Luis Mena and Rodrigo Meléndez, the former footballers conquered the title and ticket to the FTA Tour World Cup in Santiago.

A date full of luxuries, emotions and good game was the one that we lived this June 10 and 11 in front of the Stadium “Tricolor de Paine”, chosen place to realize the second date of the FTA Megastar 2017, qualifying for the FTA Tour World Cup of October in Santiago.

The sun was the guest of honor, and with him came great figures of world football, looking for their place in the first World Cup of discipline. Luis Mena, Rodrigo Meléndez, Samuel Teuber, Cristián Basaure, Roberto Bishara and the current captain of Universidad Católica, Cristián Álvarez, filled the Paine’s streets.

Before them were hundreds of amateur players who sought the same goal, which led to a series of battles that resulted in tennis football displays, with great matches during the day.

In the end, only two couples could be reached. The first, conformed by the symbol of Palestine and the CDF’s commentator today; the other, neither more nor less than Carlos Lobos and Daniel Oyarzún, the winners of the FTA Megastar Puchuncaví and who had defeated the Mena-Melendez duo.

In a vibrant duel that lasted about 40 minutes, the final victory went to Bishara-Basaure by a tight 6-4, which allowed them to get the title, get among the best on the planet, in fact “Tito” is the new number one of the world, and most important, secured their place in the October’s World Cup in Estación Central.

But they will not go alone, because in the previous day, the young Diego Torres and Tomás Riquelme joined Ignacio Astudillo and Matías Torres as national representatives in the junior competition that will be held at the end of the year.